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Envy Australian Shepherds
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We have a love for the breed and are continuously striving to learn more.  Our aussies are members of our family and showing is defiantly a family hobby.

Our Aussies are members of our family and we LOVE competing with them. Our venue of choice is conformation but also intend to venture out in agility, obedience, and rally. We enjoy the bond that develops with practice and working as a team. It’s funny how the dogs know when they win, Alexia likes to have them wear their ribbon for a fun picture and they are always smiling and look so proud.  

We have a very selective program and we breed with the intention of keeping a pup or two back from every litter for our next generation of competition dogs. We also only breed when we need our next show dog. Structure and temperament are VERY important to us. Structure is always important but temperament comes first because our dogs are companions first. 

Our dogs run around together when we don’t have females in heat and have access to our house 24/7. We believe aussies need to be part of the family and do NOT do well as outdoor only dogs

Just a little wet from rain...... 
Alexia being Alexia .. ha ha